How To Manifest Your Goal in 4 Practical Steps

How To Manifest Your Goals in 4 practical steps

We all have the capability to manifest outcomes in our lives. Matter of fact, I am willing to go out on a limb and say that we have all manifested something in our lives. That outcome, whether perceived to be good or bad, happened because of how we were feeling stemming from our thoughts about the given situation. This ability to manifest is not exclusive to any one person, and it is not something that people are naturally aware of. Most of us go through life calling these situations that are manifested, “coincidences.” Well what if we took time in the moment to realize that we actually created these coincidences? Don’t you think that if we knew we controlled our situations, we would actually be more intentional with our thoughts and feelings? I believe this to be true.

We have to understand that life is not just happening to us. It is the opposite. We are making life happen, and we are determining our next moves. When we aren’t intentionally thinking, it can seem like the universe is in control, when in all actually the universe is just listening to us and obeying what we are thinking.

We all have unique visions and thoughts. With these visions and thoughts come ideas that we feel can improve our way of life. These thoughts could consist of ways to get more money, improve our family lifestyle, or make an imprint on the world. If these thoughts are noble enough, they will surely come with daunting tasks that could seem impossible to do alone.

The immediate fear that kicks in from thinking of all ways to accomplish these big goals can sometimes cause us to think of all the reasons in the world that we can’t accomplish them. These thoughts are the root of all of our issues. If we believe we can’t accomplish all of our goals, then we will give ourselves several reasons as to why we can’t, and then the universe will surely make a promise to obey our thoughts. This causes us to bring the negative scenarios we have made up in our minds, that should be false, come into fruition.

Instead of thinking of all the ways that we can’t accomplish all of our goals, think of all of the scenarios in which we can. Then let the universe obey our thoughts and structure the world around our thinking to create our new reality.  Forward thinking is the only way to manifest our goals. Thinking of ways in which we can accomplish our goals, will force us to make progress on them. We will be one step further away from our past life, one step closer to our goals, and one step closer to our new reality. In order for us to get to that new reality we need to understand why we are chasing that reality and what emotions that new life would bring us. This is important because those emotions that we need to feel are a requirement to obtain our new reality that is related to our goals.

The key to manifesting anything you want is to first start with finding the feeling of accomplishment that would come with reaching your goal and then doing the work to actually accomplish those goals. You do not work to chase the feeling of accomplishment first before understanding the how it feels to be accomplished. Chasing the feeling of accomplishment only lead to feelings of inadequacy on your journey. You need to understand how accomplishment feels beforehand so that you know the satisfaction that you are working for.

This is easier said then done when you don’t fully understand how you are going to feel when you achieve the goal that you have placed for yourself. So what you want to do is ask yourself:

“How do I want to feel when I reach my goal?”

Then find that feeling before your start working. The energy that you would get from finding that feeling will then transfer to your work when you start the journey to your goal. This process is not a difficult thing to do, and it should actually be fun for us. We are literally searching for the feelings of enjoyment, satisfaction, and fulfillment within our lives so that we can transfer that energy to our work with a purpose. Let’s dive into detail this how this process works so that you can discover the emotions that you need in order to manifest your goals.

Disclaimer: This should be a fun process. After all, you will be becoming of the person you are meant to be.

 1. Write Down Your Goal

When you do this, it is important to be in an environment with no distractions so that you can be clear with yourself and the universe as to what you want. It is good to write down your goals because your thoughts become visually tangible and allows you to create a step toward your goals. I suggest making a visually appealing diagram that makes your goal easy to comprehend. See picture below of the diagram I created for myself:

Organize the steps to get to your goals by breaking down manageable tasks to get there

Notice in the diagram the Main Goal bubble has branches that lead to mini bubbles labeled “activity,” and each activity bubble has several “tasks” that need to be done within that activity.

The amount of activities that you need to accomplish your goal entirely depends on what you feel you have to do, but it is important that those activities are focused towards the goal at hand. This strategy allows you to break down your goal into sections that can be completed. It also gives the universe a clear idea of the job at hand that needs to be done to clear the way for your efforts once you start.

 It’s okay if you realize you have to add activity bubble branched to your main goal bubble. Think of these epiphanies as assistance from the universe to not skip a step.

2.  Ask Yourself These Questions

“How will I feel once I accomplish my goal?”

“How do I want to feel on my journey to get there?”

Once you figure out what the emotions you wish to feel are, do not hesitate to start searching for those feelings right away. If you are still in your distraction free environment, I suggest you get into a meditative state, close your eyes, and visualize your goal and the feeling that would come with accomplishing this goal. I wrote about the “Ultra-Awareness State” technique in my book Did You Know? You Are The Shit! which in detail directs you on how to get into your happy place and control your emotions.

Once you have an understanding of how you need to feel, make your desired feeling a requirement in your everyday life. If the feeling that you require is happiness, do the little things that make you happy, as long as what you are doing to make happy is not detrimental to your health or progressive habits. This can be as simple as taking a drive to do some sight-seeing and getting a change or scenery. If the feeling that you require is a sense of accomplishment, make accomplishment apart of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.  Obtain this feeling by doing small tasks. Clean your house, organize your closet, do some home improvement (and finish), cook that meal, etc. Whatever the small task is, complete it and feel that accomplishment feeling you require and carry that energy into your work. Whatever emotion you require, find that feeling within you first and then start working.

3. Use Positive Affirmations

Work toward your goal with the tasks written down, your emotions in the right frame of mind, and use positive affirmations to propel you forward. Positive affirmations work by repeating statements you wish to believe about yourself in your situation and eliminate any self-doubt or negative thinking so that you can start living in what you wish to be your new reality. I go into detail about how affirmations can change your life in my book where I explain how your words are very powerful and how a lot of what you do and the actions that follow that affect you are a product of your words, whether intentionally or unintentionally said. Affirming that you are already successful in your efforts towards your goals will give you confidence to continue move forward.

If every day is a battle in the war to win your goal, then positive affirmations are your mind’s weapon to conquer those battles. They train your subconscious mind to eliminate doubt and drive you toward your goal in unstoppable fashion. Check out my article about how your subconscious works here for more context.

4.  Stay consistent

This fourth and final step is the most important of all. On your way, you can bet your life that you will be met with resistance. Once you are met with this resistance, relax and smile because resistances are required for breakthrough. Resistance is an indicator you are getting closer. On the other side of resistance is a new reality that awaits you. This reality is closer to what you first visualized when you initially wrote down your goals and the emotions that would come when you got there.

Think of the task at hand like a rubber band and your efforts as the tip of a ballpoint pen trying to push through that rubber band. As the pen you are going to be met with resistance, but with persistence the resistance of the rubber band can only hold you back so far until it snaps. Once the rubber band snaps, the resistance is gone and your efforts as the pen are free to move forward until the next resistance point.

Consistency is the key to attaining your goal and accomplishing future goals. Have confidence in knowing you were able to get though previous obstacle of resistance and that you can do it again once your next obstacle arises. Physical breaks are needed from time-to-time, but mentally keep your foot on the gas. Time off is time delayed progress, so stay consistent with the emotions you want to feel and the subsequent energy you transfer into your work.

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