Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a sought-after emotional intelligence and resilience speaker who helps his audience create their own path to success with purpose through personal leadership. With his engaging speaking style that incorporates storytelling, metaphors, similes, and call and response affirmations, Jeremy provides his audience with practical mindset tools that can be applied in their daily lives. As a mindset coach and author of a book on affirmations, Jeremy draws from his own experiences and expertise to empower others to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. Whether it’s in his keynote speeches, workshops, or coaching sessions, Jeremy’s passion for helping others to develop a growth mindset shines through, inspiring and motivating audiences to take action towards realizing their dreams.

Jeremy's Journey

Jeremy Clark’s journey to becoming a renowned mindset speaker was not an easy one. After completing his Master of Business Administration degree, he expected his academic achievements to translate into immediate success. However, he soon discovered that success was not a guarantee in the corporate world.

Jeremy felt like he had made it after landing the high-paying job, but despite this, he faced personal tragedy with the passing of his father, who had been a major influence on his life and career. In addition to this, he felt unfulfilled and disillusioned with his work, and his sense of competence and self-determination was further undermined when he experienced involuntary job loss. These setbacks forced Jeremy to re-evaluate his mindset, values, priorities, and develop a clear vision for his life.

Through this difficult period, Jeremy discovered the power of positive affirmations and mindset tools. He began to see how these tools could help him stay focused, motivated, and resilient in the face of challenges. With a newfound sense of purpose, Jeremy felt compelled to share his knowledge and help others on their own journeys to success.

As a first-time author of a non-fiction growth-oriented book, Jeremy’s words of wisdom and positive affirmations have resonated with audiences worldwide. By espousing the values and behaviors that can lead to a greater sense of control over important life events, Jeremy offers reassurance that the future can be stable and predictable. Through his engaging personal stories, Jeremy has become a hero for those seeking to develop a growth mindset and create their own path to success with purpose.

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