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Did You Know?
You Are The Shit!

Positive Affirmations to Overcome Self-Doubt

If you are truly looking to get over the hump, get out of your own way, and attract the life that you deserve, then Did You Know? You Are The Shit! is for you. Understand what affirmations are, why we have negative thoughts, and how to use affirmations through the Ultra-Awareness technique described inside to overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. You are who you think you are, and once you understand how to change your mindset to think as such, you will become a magnet for your truest desires. Did You Know? You Are The Shit! contains positive affirmations and a daily fulfillment journey to guide you on your life’s journey. Take control of your life now!

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Depression got me lost. After reading this book, I have now found myself! Regardless of all the negative going on in my life, I was able to take into practice what I was reading and bring in all the positivity and good energy that I needed.

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